Dr Bridgette O'Neill

Costs & booking

Costs are offered as a guideline. Courses and workshops are on a sliding scale. Please offer as much as you can within your means. The lower end of the scale is intended to allow those on very limited income to participate. If this is not possible, please feel welcome to contact me for an individual discussion regarding cost.

Introduction to mindfulness workshops
£25 – £50 for the day

MBSR/MBCT 8 week course
£150 – £195 for 8 week course

Mindfulness day retreat
£25 – £35 for the day

One-to-one 9 week mindfulness training
9 x 50 minute sessions

Distance Learning
9 x 50 mins Skype or telephone meetings

Psychological therapy
£50 per 50 minutes session
£20 for 60 minute assessment

£50 in person for 60 minutes
£40 on the telephone or skype for 60 minutes
£25 or £20 for 30 mins

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